Sunday, October 15, 2017

Miss Lilly...Blade Runner 2049...A Reschedule of The Orchard...Sleeping Beauties...and More

My newest dog.


Great with kids and cats!  She loves cats and wants to "play"...Shelby seemed offended and threw one of those

"Oh...hell no...."

looks before stalking to the bathroom and staying there until both Lilly and Aiden were gone.

After sniffing every spot that Lilly had touched in "her house" (rather disdainfully) she settled for a long nap.

 Thank heavens that's over!

Our trip to The Orchard with the Grands rescheduled as we all woke to a deluge of rain this morning!

Envisioning the Grands struggling though the muddy pumpkin patch like unwary dinosaurs at La Brea.

Remembering last Fall when the trek through the corn maze was a lot like this.

Nicole is healing well and doing wonderfully after her surgery.  Breakfast looks like this now

Ham,Scrambled Eggs and Cheese...and Oatmeal with one ounce portions. After which, she feels completely full.

She is an inspiration!

The rain is wonderful...saving our Fall colours.  September was so dry the lawn had turned that Tuscan High Summer straw shade and the leaves were getting crisp and falling without even changing.  Since the past several rains everything is starting to get splashes of yellow,orange and red. Turning quite beautiful!

Nearly finished decorating now. Mums and Sunflowers...Fat Orange Pumpkins...Spice scented candles and my golden Autumn Leaf candy dish overflowing with chocolates!

Did a mid-week Mall Rat with Sharon,Loretta and Diane to Terre Haute
and found my Fall Bath Scents at B&B  Works.  Spiced Pumpkin and Vanilla Whipped Topping Scent...Pumpkin Marshmallow...and a purse sized hand bac simply called


We plundered the Macy Sales, where Diane and I found hats- and Loretta found boots and another purse, and adjourned to the nearby Red Lobster for Brunch.

Stuffed Seafood Mushroom Caps, Whipped Sweet Potato Casserole with Spiced Pecans (...omg..which I must recreate at home...) Wood-Grilled Asparagus and Cheddar Garlic Biscuits.

Came home to fall into a hot bubble bath that smelled a lot like warm pumpkin pie!

A completely "Spoil Me" day!

Chris and I watched and discussed  Blade Runner 2049...after doing a refresher of the Original before-hand.

This was the Sequel.

I think I understand why it did not  do well in the opening box-office, and it certainly wasn't anything to do with the quality of the movie (...which was outstanding...) or the length.

They just waited too long to make the Sequel.

Unlike Star Wars, which spanned generations, and stayed relevant from old to young...Blade Runner (1982) was released in several different versions and then disappeared for 35 years.  That is a lifetime in Sequel Years. 

Although there were many of us (...I preferred The Director's Cut Version...) who anticipated this film...there were so many who were being exposed to it for the very first time and lacked the context for it.

The film fills in gaps and stands alone pretty well.

Ryan Gosling was over-the-top as "Joe" a Blade Runner in 2049 after the black-out.

Harrison Ford was back as the time worn...frazzled...looking scruffier than the dog 

"Is it REAL?"

"I have no idea."

crotchety ex-Blade Runner, Rick Deckard  who has set up  a home in the former casino/hot zone and just wants to be left alone with his scotch and his holographic Elvis and Frank Sinatra. 

Get off my lawn.

Yeah... feel ya,!

Well done sequel. Nice to see Jared Leto in the role as Nieander again.

Worth a night at The Movies!

Want to enjoy it the Original before going!

And since we still don't have mass produced flying cars (...the Terrafugata being prohibitively expensive and more like a small plane,anyway) the Renault people are working on a Pod-Type Hovercraft Prototype.

An individual pod hover car that can be added to with additional pods for more people, as above. A motorcycle company is also exploring the idea of Hover-Cycles.

The FUTURE is coming!

This week's novel...a joint new release by Stephen King and youngest son, Owen King.

Sleeping Beauties

 Mostly set in a women's prison, and the small fictitious town of Dooling, a story about a mysterious sleeping sickness that affects only females. Falling asleep and then quickly becoming covered in cocoon-like material.

Remove at your own risk!

Hell Hath No Fury like one of these women waken from her NAP.

Requires the usual sci-fi suspension of disbelief...but a very engaging read. A page turner.

Explores the "male dominance" and violence inherent in our society.

Brilliant endeavour of a Father and Son.

Well worth the read!


 The facepalm of the WEEK once again going to President Donald Trump for announcing that he had indeed

 "...Spoken to The President of the Virgin Islands..."

about the damage from the hurricane.

Not quite understanding that



And maybe a boot to the head (as well) for trying to whip his base into a froth already (OCTOBER)  over the imaginary


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Monday, October 9, 2017

Greencastle Sights...The American Assassin (Movie)...Book Review and Bob

We wait every year...and are never disappointed! Usually appearing near Bean Festivals and The Berry Street Fair.

Off the Fillmore Road between Greencastle and The Lake.

(Heritage Lake)

Sometimes Snoopy and Charlie Brown. One year, Minions.

Hayrolls upended and painted like cartoon or Disney characters.

This Year:  Lilo and Stitch.

This Weekend marked the end of The Farmer's Market until next year. And The Covered Bridge Festival begins next weekend!

In town, we have our own interesting sight.  This guy.

A local UPS driver that enjoys practicing the Bagpipe on his lunch break- around our Town Square.

And in Indy,  this weekend, they unveiled

a bronze statue of Peyton Manning outside Lucas Field!

Well Deserved.

He has done a lot of good both publically and privately in Indiana.

The Weekend Movie

American Assassin

 Featuring the fresh new face of Dylan O'Brien (as Mitch Rapp) and a welcome return to the screen of Michael Keaton (a crusty but bad-ass special ops trainer)

I think the most amazing thing the film accomplished was done in the first 5 minutes. Showing us a young Mitch very much in love and proposing in the ocean to his beloved at a tropical paradise...then after they got us completely involved with both characters...

Well...Mitch's life would never be the same.

And Hurley....this is the ROLE that Michael Keaton was born to play.

Prepare to see more of them both in future sequels, I'm betting. And expecting to see O'Brien do a LOT with his career!

Not a bad performance in the entire thing! Excellently cast.

The Book: Autumn

 penned by Norwegian Essay and Novelist

Karl Ove Knausgaard.

Two hundred and twenty four pages of wonderful essays. 60 in all. Written for his unborn daughter...the author's view of some of the everyday things in life. 

A great new find for me and looking forward to reading more of his work!

Well worth a look!

And then there is BOB...

Tennessee  GOP Senator Bob Corker

This guy.

Who finally has the intestinal fortitude to say out loud what we have known about The Donald all along

"The Emperor Has No Clothes!!!"

Okay...not exactly in those words. Actually his words were much much worse.

Although he finally unloaded for 25 minutes...the best and probably most revealing observation about trying to keep #45 reined in was

"It's a Shame The White House Has Become An Adult Daycare Center."


Like who saw THAT coming,eh?

Remember just because your Uncle Don (the family black-sheep...drunk...and straight-shooter...who opens his mouth and says exactly what crosses his mind at the moment )  is a hoot at family picnics and gatherings...

Does NOT mean he can RUN the COUNTRY effectively.

Just saying.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Some good news... know what the BEST part is about hitting your hand with a hammer?


A rocky beginning to the week...but centered again and life goes on.

Celebrated Tuesday with Nicole at Almost Home

And here is the deal. For the past year she have been jumping through hoops, giving up smoking, coffee and cigarettes...being tested, poked, prodded, psychologically evaluated and multi-vitamined in order to qualify for Gastric Sleeve surgery.

Not any act of vanity on her part...not to be skinny or fit into an outfit.

To reclaim a healthy weight and body. To be able to enjoy playing with her children and watching them grow up. To grow old with James. To not suffer from type II Diabetes or Hypertension or Bone Spurs or Constant Back Pain.

Yesterday she had the surgery. 

It is not for everyone...and they don't approve a lot of people who want to do it. 

Basically what they do is completely REMOVE most of your stomach. Not a band or staples. It is gone. 

Once you commit to this surgery there is no turning back.

I applaud her. I could NEVER have done it. It requires a post-surgical level of commitment I simply do not possess.  She is extremely self-motivated and will be fine.

There were complications...turning a 45 minute surgery into a 5 hour nightmare...for all of us (but especially James) , and necessitating a secondary surgical procedure today.

But now it is all over, and she is recovering.

They estimate she will lose her desired weight in 6 months, but it is a lifetime commitment.

So glad the surgery is finally over!

And I love love love the Mermaid Hair.

 James has a new baby on the way, btw...a Pitbull rescue he will be picking up Thursday!

Meet Lilly.

Can't wait to meet her!

All the criteria...and good with cats and kids.

Looking forward to a relaxing Zen Weekend.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

And Another Thing..., it has been this way for a couple of days now.

Realizing that I am definitely a Buddhist and not a Buddha, this week.

The absolute last straw moment coming this morning from a toxic family member (estranged for him back into my life five years ago...WTF was I thinking...) And since that day I have bit my tongue at times (and not at times) as he went on his right-wing rants about the damned gays...immigrants who apparently got a job he wanted sometime in life...SSM...n***ers...and more recently the NFL and why the 1st Amendment doesn't apply..copious Trump worship...and today after the Las Vegas tragedy about the damned Liberals who want to take all the guns...ruining this country...2nd Amendment...yada yada yada...

Yeah. I'm DONE.


I tried to live the "life is too short...give him a chance...he is old"

What I learned was

Life really IS too short.

I don't wish him ill-fortune.  And, yet, somehow I think he will find it repeatedly with that attitude any way. But I am removing him from my life for good.

I'm just DONE.

So there is that.

Leaning on our elected officials about Assault Weapons and Modification this week.  I have realized that every time they tell you

"This is NOT the Time to Discuss_______________________ (fill in the blank)"

What they are REALLY saying is

Sit down, Shut the hell up,  and Accept the status quo.

Yeah...I am DONE with all that, too.

Completely Unaccceptable.


More anon...

Now I need a pan of brownies, and to soak in a hot bubble bath for about two hours.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas

It has felt a LOT like this today.

Another mass shooting last night.  Las Vegas. At the end of a country music festival.  Lone gunman with an arsenal of assault weapons in a hotel situated in an elevated position across from the concert. Open fired with automatic weapons into a crowd of nearly 30,000.   58 dead and hundreds injured last count.

Just numb.

Checked with Diane about Carol and Jeff...and Steve and Kay (also DS) marked themselves okay. So that was a relief.

Even made the mistake of listening to this guy live this morning

reading from a teleprompter...saying the right words...sprinkling it liberally with prayers and God for his base...but with all the emotional quality as a head of cabbage.

Yeah. It has been a completely non-productive day. 

Not sure...when the dust is going to change a thing.

Let me explain.

Luby's Cafeteria Texas 1991

Hennard crashes his truck through the wall of the cafeteria...gets out...shoots 23 people...then kills himself.

Columbine 1999

Klebold and Harris kill 12 of their fellow students in an unthinkable massacre. They then kill themselves.

Virginia Tech 2007

Cho kills 32 people in 2 separate locations on a shooting spree...then kills himself.

Sandy Hook 2012

Lanza opens fire in a school killing 20 first and second graders...also 6 instructors (and had killed his mother earlier that morning) then shoots himself.

Pulse Nightclub 2016

Mateen opens fire inside club killing 49 and injuring more than 50 before shooting himself.

Las Vegas 2017

Paddock fires from 32nd floor of hotel into an estimated concert crowd of 30,000.

58 killed outright. Hundreds hospitalized wounded.Some in critical condition. Gunman shoots himself.

And these are just some of the worst of the mass killings we have seen recently.

I think The Moment came for me in 2012 after Sandy Hook.After the bodies were buried...and the politicians pushed the issue back and forth on their plates like kids who have been forced to eat their Brussels Sprouts, but did absolutely NOTHING.

And somewhere along the line we absorbed/normalized the bullet riddled bodies of 6 year olds. 

And once you go THERE...

Well, how do you ever find your way again?

Let's not fool ourselves...the NRA has owned The Whitehouse and Congress for quite some time. The amount of money they funnel to our elected officials is Obscene.

This morning there was already speculation on Wall Street that gun sales (and therefore stock) would actually INCREASE because of last night's massacre. fucked up is that?

Then there are the 2nd Amendment folks...creeping out of the woodwork saying it is their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to have military assault weapons.

In my opinion, no Civilian NEEDS an assault weapon. may WANT a grenade launcher, or tank...but you sure as hell don't NEED one...and it isn't your Constitutional Right to have one of those either.

You want to play with assault weapons...go join the military.

It might do you good to remember, when the Constitution was penned, the well-regulated militia carried black powder single shot rifles.


I would like to believe this time might make a difference. That people might stand together and say

"We're fed up with this crap....something HAS to change."

but realistically...I wait...knowing before long the news will have a similar banner with





Oh...and Tom Petty died of a massive MI last night.


Go, bad day.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

This Week's Cup...

And it is hard to know where to begin.

I will start with  the good news. Because a lot of it this week, isn't.

Emma all fixed up for her FIRST Homecoming Dance! Looking so grown up and beautiful!

And Hannah...with James and Nicole- beautiful and doing the cheerleader thing!

And...well the weather has been gorgeous.

I am usually the positive, optimistic, nothing really gets me down, any more...person.

But this week...OMFG.


After last week's INSANITY about taking the knee, patriotism et al...

You would think Donald Twitter-Thumbs would give it a rest.

You would (of course) be wrong.

Oh,  he is still on about the fact he issued a stern "Don't Take a Knee" this morning. Yada Yada Yada...

And he has spent the week vilifying each and every person who was remotely involved in quashing the Graham-Cassidy Proposal...

but everything he has managed to say or do has paled in comparison to the absolute hate, bile, non-compassion, invective heaped on the Mayor of San Juan,Puerto Rico during the past few days.

(...three of the 18 Tweets he did in one day...)

This Woman.

...who has literally been wading through the San Juan flood-waters with a bullhorn and helping rescue people.

While the President...HER President...takes another weekend at the golf course...oh and managed a TWEET-STORM about her of such nastiness even some members of the GOP are distancing themselves.

Ohio's John Kaisich has already said he is considering leaving the GOP all together. 

All but his die-hard supporters are aghast at this latest development...and to be honest...after the last 9 months...I am not sure WHAT (if anything) it would take to open their eyes.

By Friday night I had hit an emotional wall.

Slowly pulling it back together. People (overall) are generally kind,compassionate, good hearted and generous. Our (current) President may be a damned IMBECILE...but there are so many amazing people from all over the globe who

1.  Have acknowledged TRUMP is an Oxygen Thief.

2. Are coordinated in their offers of immediate assistance to Puerto Rico...whether that assistance be food, clean water, money, or wading  from home to home helping survivors.

An anecdotal story to underscore how grim the situation really is was told by a nurse about a unit at one of the hospital. She reported that when they lost emergency backup power midweek...every patient on the critical unit died.  Every one.

 Consumer Report lists the best ways to Help Puerto Rico.

And it is NOW October!

 So that is nice!

Baking, most mornings, to take the chill off the

Spiced tea, and even Hot Chocolate with a pinch of chili powder is preferable in these cooler morns.

Looking forward to an Orchard trip...both with my buddy, John, and later with the grands! So all is not doom and gloom!

We lost both Monty Hall and Hugh Hefner this week. Martyrs who were expecting your 72 virgins in the might want to hurry...just sayin'

and a reminder for those active in The Resistance

This is where our focus needs to be in the Midterms.

And this week's (and for the foreseeable future) hashtag to #45...


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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Olive Grove Painting

Spent the morning finishing my Ancient Olive Tree (grove) painting.

From this...

and the trunk...

And finally finished 

I love the gnarled look of the 900 year old Olives...unlike Live Oaks which stretch like a hand out of the ground...olives tend to Y.  They look like wide open arms waiting for a return embrace.

Ready to be sealed!

Since the Virtual Sicilian Adventure is over I have also found something made of Olive Wood as a souvenir.


Hand carved in Sicily to hold fruit or will arrive soon!

Enjoy your weekend!
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Brantley Ryan...Book and Movie Review...Take a Knee and More

Here he honorary great-grandson!

And the proud Grandma...Nicole.

Passed around like champagne on a holiday!

"Hey wouldn't know who is in charge here, would you?"

Even Aiden held him.

Perfect..handsome and looking just like Dad already!

This week's amazing movie

A bittersweet film about growing up in a poor but loving family with an  alcoholic father...and mostly about coming to terms with what life throws you and unfulfilled dreams. 

Excellent film,  and cannot wait to read the book!

Finished my Summer TBR Pile with Pieces of Happiness by Annie Ostby.

Which I thought was going to be a light "beach book" but turned out to be so much more.

Five childhood friends grown estranged through the long years...all in their 60's now...abandoning their unfinished lives to live their last years out together on a Fijian Cocoa Plantation which is owned by one of their group (Kat). 

It deals with insecurity and vanity, widowhood and love, adult children who fail to launch and those who hover, betrayal within their group, Alzheimer's Disease and Cancer, Death and Loss...and so much more.

Not light reading at all.

It does,however, spotlight overcoming adversity, and deciding to make the REST of your life the BEST of your life.

As well as a detailed description of the group's foray into making chocolate from raw bean which they later market as 

Kat's Chocolate: Little Pieces  of Happiness.

Actually, the book led to a future project for me.

I have never attempted making chocolate from Raw Bean through the Conching Process...but I AM soon!

So there is that.

Of course, assuming you haven't been locked in a closet since  last weekend, you have undoubtedly heard about The Mango Marauder’s completely unhinged tweet-storm concerning The NFL and #Takeaknee.

Personally...I still think the great thing about being an American is living in a Country where you are (suppose to be) free to Take a Knee or Stand...without your intent or patriotism questioned.  

I served.  It wasn't for some piece of cloth or an anthem. It was for The Constitution  For what America STANDS.

Of course, Dimwit Donnie whipped his base into a frothing at the mouth frenzy. Calling taking the knee tantamount to treason. Wrapping himself so tightly in the flag it is amazing he doesn't have Stars and Bars on his ass. angry.
And YOU need to be angry as well..he says.

Funny thing....The Internet. It seems that everything you have ever written (or in this case tweeted) stays forever. And can be found.

Please note the date on this tweet...when Donnie John apparently felt a little bit differently about our flag. 

For what it is worth

and to those who have chided me with we should be taking a knee for those who died (referring to the military) 

I fully agree. We should be taking a knee for the dead.

Military and otherwise.

I believe that is how the whole #takeaknee business started...last year.

And, somebody finally clued the Howling Hitler-Wanna-Be into the fact that Puerto Ricans are AMERICANS.

It only took almost 2 weeks.


The governor is brilliant, though...letting everyone know that if he doesn't start getting some real help...they will have to start evacuating everyone to the American Mainland.

"...they aren't refugees,sir, they're Americans...yes have to let them in..."

Miz Cleo has a new prediction...well a couple actually.

1.  They will do whatever it takes to keep the whole evacuation to the Mainland from!

2. The insane tweet-storm (which had not happened since John Kelly came onboard) signifies that John may not  be long  for this Administration.

The man is a well-decorated General in the Marines. He does not suffer fools lightly.

I predict him being fired or resigning...soon. 

I think he needs to do it before becoming forever fouled by the decaying stench of Trump, myself.

The last Kelly sighting was Alabama where Trump trotted him onstage...a human military prop...and he said nothing.

We will see.

About decaying stench...

It looks as though the 3rd attempt at Repeal and Replace: Graham-Cassidy has flatlined....again....

No pre-cordial thump is going to bring this baby back.

Hopefully anyway.

Trump has lashed out at the members of his own party who sunk his healthcare battleship...especially war hero John McCain.

Because he has soooo much respect for our Vets, you see...unless they happen to vote their conscience instead of walking the party line. 

The Zombie Bill will be back, though. Mitch realized today he didn't have the votes and shelved the damned thing.
So it will be back.

We need to be ready for it. 

Miz Cleo thinks that we better stand together at the Midterm Elections 2018 and help take the Senate Majority back...and here is WHY...

Right now...they are having Enlightened Self Interest Moments before the election. They know that they can't piss us off too badly or BOOM they are out of a job.

But after the midterms...yeah...they don't even have to pretend they care any more.  True Story.


Too Cynical? 



Keep Resisting.
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