Monday, August 7, 2017

The RETURN of The School Bus (or: How Can I MISS you, if you won't Go Away)

Swallowed up by the Giant Yellow Bus...not to return for HOURS.

Yeah, I remember the first day back when all the boys were in school.

Them leaving the house in new everything...up at the crack of dawn...anxious to go and us...waiting until the bus pulled away.

The husband-person would always take the day off and we celebrated most of the! 

Good times.

Summer is wonderful...and we would always have a great time with them and usually one really good family vacation somewhere...but then it was

"How can We MISS you...if you don't Go Away!"

Got a text from Nicole about  an hour ago that simply said

"OMG...I'm only shopping with one child!!!!"'s the little things!

Speaking of things not missed...

Apparently, Donald Trump is on vacay for the next 17 days.

Things are starting to heat up with Team Mueller and his cast (of a thousand give or take) lawyers. A Grand Jury Impaneled and Subpoenas are starting to arrive.

And Trump still wearing his Alfred E.Neuman smile

So maybe he is THAT dumb.

After a couple of Tweetless Days he is back with a vengeance. John might want to appears he has chewed through his muzzle again.

This time attacking a Vietnam Vet who also happens to be a Senator.


Dear Draft Dodger....after 5 (count'em five) deferments one of the things you DO NOT  get to ever do is to criticize anyone who actually Orange Buffoon...

And did anyone catch the cover of NEWSWEEK this last week...OMG...I thought it was a parody is REAL!!!!

And (hands down) the best bit of creative vandalism I have seen for a long time.


I only wish I had been the one to come up with it!

Wow...Game of Thrones is heating up as well!

With four episodes down and only 2 to go for this can that be right????

Sansa and Ayra and Bran reunited at Winterfell.

Jorah who is now healed of grayscale and on his way back to his queen.

A spoiler from the Red Witch that both She and The Spider will die in Westeros.

Jon who seems to have noticed that Dany is a babe...but much too busy mining dragonglass to act on it.

Dany who took a dragon and decimated a large part of the Lannister Army.

Crispy Critters.

And a dragon gets very very very pissed off when you have the audacity to shoot it down with a cross-bolt.

We will find out next week whether Jamie made it.

Now House Frey, House Tyrell, The Sand Vipers are out of the picture.

But just as I was getting twitchy about the imminent end of this season a buddy of mine asked me if I had ever watched the House Of Cards series with Kevin Spacey.

When I answered "no" he sent me the first episode.

OMFG...being the Kevin Spacey fan and political animal that I am obviously did I miss THIS???

So I now have ALL the seasons...and am going to start it as soon as Game of Thrones is over!

Something to look forward to...

Well something other than Trump's Impeachment, I mean.

Ended my busy Monday this afternoon with an "Ice Cream and Politics" Brunch with friends, Kara and Barb! Together we solve a lot of Washington's Problems...sadly they never call and ask our advice.

And quite possibly the most AMAZING sundaes, ever!

(...there is a chocolate brownie beneath all that...)

More anon...

Addendum:  About Shelby...

My fuzzy flat-mate has made herself home...and is pretty much running the show!