Saturday, September 2, 2017

September...Game of Thrones Season Finale...Houston (...we have a problem...)

Went to bed last night...still Summer.

Woke to the smell of wood-smoke, and a Fall chill in the air. Sweater weather...and I LOVE it!

N.P. Beach now closed until next season. Ready for Cider and Caramel Apples and Pumpkin Patches!  Ready to bake long as there is Cinnamon involved.

Even the trees seem to be ready with yellows and orange that seemed to show up overnight!

Last Sunday was our final episode of Game of Thrones for Season 7, and now we wait...and wait...and wait...


But it was amazing!

From the opening scene with ALL the Unsullied and Dothraki assembled in Westeros...and Bronn & Jamie's conclusion

"Maybe it is all about cocks..."

The reunion of Podrick, Tyrion and Bronn of Blackwater Battle Fame

Brienne of Tarth and Sandor Clegane exchanging what appeared to be  "Proud Parent Smiles and Glances" over their little assassin all grown up- Ayra.

A quick peek at the future Clegane-Bowl with a reflective moment between brothers.

"You know who's coming for you, Brother. You've always known."

The best "fashionably late" entrance by Dany...EVER. Loved the dust up and dragon screaming.

Several hold-your-breath scenes:

Why won't the Undead come out of the box? Oh...there it is!

( ...and did anyone else catch the look on Qyburn's face when he picked up the severed arm of  the Undead?  Creepy.)

Is The Mountain going to be ordered to kill Tyrion? No...wait...wait...

Has The Mountain been ordered to KILL Jamie?  (...Cersi, you heartless bitch...) 
No wait...changed my mind again...just bluffing.

Will The Mountain EVER be allowed to kill anyone...he has to be getting twitchy by now...after all these false starts.

Cersi who has cast her lot with Euron Greyjoy...and Jamie...last seen riding away...still alive but very disgruntled, from Westeros. He seems to be getting more and  more irritated by Cersi these days. And who could  blame him?  Next season maybe he can add "Queen-Slayer" to his title.

 Just saying.

Is Cersi really pregnant?

Does anyone give a damn?

Theon who found his balls...even if they are gone...on a great beach fight scene...where having none seems to have been the advantage. Taking what is left of Yara's troops to SAVE her (still a captive of Uncle Euron)

And a touching moment between Jon and Theon, just before.

Jon...good, honest-to-a-fault, Jon...who has now bent...well...a LOT more than the knee to his Queen. She probably did some kneeling before the night was through, too.   

Face it...seriously...even straight guys were looking at the Jon from the backside  saying

"Now THAT'S a fabulous ass."

Poor Jorah...who is forever STUCK in The FriendZone.

Lord Balish who has sneered his last sneer...compliments of Sansa and Ayra. I actually cheered when he was executed. It is about time. Deliciously set up I might add.

Samwell Tarly and family who have finally made it to Winterfell.

"I'm not quite sure what that means?" (best line of the night)

Bran who is determine to tell Jon who he really is ( birthname: Aegon Targaryen)...and presumably that he has now committed incest with his Aunt Dany.

 "I am the three eyed raven now, Jon...oh and the two of you looked beautiful the other night...but she is your Aunt, you know.  Oh,you didn't?  My bad."

Beric and Tormund who were last seen fleeing the crumbling Wall...and we still do not know whether they made it or not.

And The Night King (with his new ride...the Undead Dragon whose blue breath has toppled a great bit of the Wall)...and our final scene until November 2018 is that of the Armies of the Dead (...thousands of them...) marching through the newly opened breach in The Wall.

Now a more personal bit for everyone who viewed the bedroom scene between Jon and Dany and went

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew...she is his Aunt."

OMFG people...we have just finished Seven Seasons.

There has been twin on twin incest...multiple beheadings...a child pushed out a window...infanticide...multiple adultery... multiple poisonings...multiple stabbings...girl on girl...boy on boy...threesomes...people eaten by dogs...skulls crushed...a little girl burned at the stake...hangings...freezing to death...rapes including the raping of a nun for god-sake...zombifying...slitting of throats...cannibalism (More pie, Mr.Frey?) plotting, lying, revenge, crucifixion, flayings, sadomasochism, patricide, witchcraft, white walkers and the undead, resurrection, and probably a lot more that I have left out/forgotten...

But Jon's lovemaking with Dany (...who he STILL doesn't know he is any relation to...) makes you go



Right, then.  Turn off your telly.  
Your telly privileges have been revoked.


I have also been closely following the merchandising...which has been brilliant by-the-way.

Remember that hand-holding scene bedside in Episode 6...where Dany pulled away first...but not so quickly that you didn't get a good long look at the latest, greatest bit of dragon jewellery...her dragon ring.

Now available on eBay and!

But it hasn't all been swordsmen, cocks, and flying dragons this week... 

Texas...particularly Houston and Beaumont has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.


                                                   Before and After

The humanitarian response has been incredible. Reaching the end of the week realizing once again there are more "good" "helpful" "caring" people out there than we sometimes admit while lamenting

"The World is Going to Hell in a Hand-basket"

Human chains formed to rescue people trapped in swept away vehicles...strangers opening their homes and wallets and refrigerators to strangers...fleets of small boats navigating rushing waters to rescue thousands...Federal and State and Local officials working side by side to rescue people and ease the suffering. A beer company who stopped canning beer and started canning water to donate to the flooded areas.

Reaffirming what I have always believed...most people are basically good, kind and compassionate given the chance.  

They really are.

And there is this photo that emerged to make us smile

"Save yourselves...I've got the dog-food."

This cat that James re-posted

and a meme sent by a Texas friend this week political rants this week...just unbelievably thankful for all the good people that have stood together shoulder to shoulder for others in the last seven days...oh and the arrival of an early Fall...and maybe these...

More anon...