Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Virtual Enna, Sicily

Enna is called umbilicus Siciliae...the navel of Sicily,and its ancient name used to be Henna. It is located in the very center of the island nearly equidistant from all three corners. Placed on the level top of a gigantic hill it overlooks Sicily like a proud ruler.

Like the rest of the island it is a rocky hard-scrabble place that attests to the changes and battles that have occurred through the centuries.

Tour of Enna


Additional (in Sicilian)


The Myth of Persephone being carried off by Pluto to the Underworld was set here in Enna.  The place this supposedly happened is a small lake called Pergus...and a field of wildflowers. Nearby a grotto is where Pluto is said to have appeared.

                                          A depiction of the abduction.

Lombardy Castle is also located in Enna.

 Although we will wait until next time and our Tour or Castles of Sicily to explore it!

Until then...