Sunday, September 10, 2017

Zen Weekend...Hurricane Irma...and More

As GPS would say


and Idgy and I will be staying in-the-box a bit longer it seems.


I'm resting this weekend after finally recovering from that kidney infection...bleah.  Still fairly wiped out.

She is fighting some particularly nasty GI bug.

Such is life.

Today a fairly Zen Sunday. Slept in. Good Breakfast.Feeling much better (just weak at this point)  Tidied the plants a bit and started layering the compost box for over the winter. Cut all the dried and sitting in a colander to sort, strip and jar (right now home smells like a misma of oregano, basil, thyme, sage and rosemary) a good nap...a long soak in a bubble bath...reading a bit...contemplating what Sunday dinner will be...finding a film for later tonight...and , of course, catching up with friends and family who have evacuated or in a couple of cases...not evacuated) Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma. Has anything caused so much chaos or uncertainty over a week.

Jill and I have been maintaining close contact with Lennon, who evacuated early Thursday Morning, swooping up his grandmother and (his words)

"Getting the HELL out of Dodge"

They spent the first night in Perry, Georgia...but are staying in the Carolinas until everything passes.

I had to laugh we he mentioned Perry.

It was a "George Washington Slept Here" Moment. know you have travelled too much when someone mentions an obscure town on the map and you find yourself thinking (or saying)

"Hey...I spent the night there once."

Reminded me of a phone call I got once from my (late) husband-person.

"Hey honey,  when did you have a flat in Gallatin (Illinois) ?"

When we got to the crux of the matter he had stopped for a repair in Gallatin and I was in the repair shop's!

It happens.

Irma..right on the heels of Harvey has been a disaster.

Hitting Barbuda as a CAT 5 and leaving the island nearly uninhabitable and nearly 2,000 people homeless.

Through the islands of the Caribbean vacillating between a 4 and a 5...weakening and hitting Puerto Rico as a 4 and then strengthening back to a 5 as it grazed Cuba...weakening to a 3 and then regaining steam over the Strait to hit Key West as a 4.  A slight jog in the projected path moved the bulk of the threat from the East Coast of Florida to The West Coast...where many residents had taken shelter...from the East.  Local shelters hastily opened and appearing in the hundreds...then thousands pouring into them with bedrolls, possessions and pets.  Killing 20-something in its path already.

It has been a stressful week.

But most all my friends and family safely out of harm's way...and the two that refused to far very lucky...and just without power. 

Yeah...kind of like this.

Had to shake my head when they both kept exclaiming how

"This was the most dangerous hurricane to hit Florida...EVER"

to me...but then followed that sentiment with the fact they were not going to evacuate and added

"...say a little prayer for us..."


Because I think my "little prayer" would have to be something along these lines

"Please let these fools see how dangerous it is to NOT evacuate...and get them to go to a local shelter...immediately."


Just Saying.

Was reading Stephen King's newest tome The Bazaar of Bad Dreams this morning and ran across this paragraph in one of the short stories that summed it all up perfectly

...they talk about the grace of God and how everything happens for a reason. God's grace is a pretty cool concept. It stays intact every time it is not you...

Looking forward to seeing the remake of IT soon. And did a re-watch of the original the other night. May have to do a re-read. It has been nearly 30 years.

And saw The Hitman’s Bodyguard with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson
this week.
Absolutely brilliant comedy.
Well worth your time!

Best line of the film

Reynolds:  I am suppose to go through the door keep you out of harms way.

Jackson: Motherf---ker, I  AM Harm's Way.

More anon....