Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Virtual Arigento

Athough, Arigento (proper) looks more like this

 A Southern Sicilian city of 59,000.

This is the Arigento I have come to see.

                                           Temple of Concordia

The Valley of the Temples.

Not actually a valley at all, but instead a ridge that is home to statuary, ancient olive trees and Greek Doric-Style Temples.

Most of the temples,toppled by earthquakes through the centuries, are little more than a few columns and rubble. Their stone carted away to build other (newer) structures. Only two remain more or less intact over the many hundred years.

The Temple of Zeus reduced to little more than stairs,now.

 Valley of Temple Tour

Aerial Footage of the Valley of Temples

And tour of Arigento

Statues of the Valley of the Temples

This one outside the ruins of the Temple of Zeus. 
(perhaps Zeus is napping)

Ruins of the Temple of Juno.

And outside the Temple of Concordia

And probably, what I came to see in the first place, those wonderful ancient olive trees.

Hauntingly beautiful, to me. 

Working tonight on my Ancient Grove Painting. Adding the Foreground Tree based on this...

It will going the middle front of my grove and relegate the existing smaller trees to a distant background...

Imagine it in front of these...much larger (closer) filling the scene. Giving depth.

Well,that is the theory...anyway!

More anon...