Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A 4th of July Cup

Or...as our Middle Son was inclined to say-

"Happy Blow Shit Up Day!"

My Morning Cup along the lines of strong coffee laced with vanilla, cinnamon,and whipped cream. Tasted just like a hot Danish.

Dessert...okay...it was more like dessert.

Of course everyone doesn't have the same take on the 4th of July. Dave posted this early this morning from the UK...making me clean coffee off the keyboard  again!

And my friend, Marti, wasn't far behind with

Luckily, I found my own to share in short order...

So there.

Seriously though...and despite the sitting President and his Band of Merry...er Sociopathic Men...I LOVE my Country and all the Freedoms I enjoy living in it. Including the right to disagree or question my government and its elected officials openly. This is not just a right but a responsibility...no matter who is in office or what you support or believe.

This is the very thing that makes America Great. 

Well,that- and what my friend/ex co-worker and nurse, Tina, shared with me today:

Seriously...THAT is America,Buddy!

And,of course,now I HAVE to try them.




Working on that "My Mama's a Migrant Worker" tan this morning. Somewhat jealous because Nicole has transcended that now and has the "I AM a Migrant Worker" tan going.

She and James and the kids off for the week on a camping trip.

Chris and Tina will be starting theirs tomorrow.

Catching Lennon later to wish him Happy B.S.U Day when he wakes up.

Working on Burgers and Dogs, Potato Salad, Baked Beans and Watermelon...and off to see fireworks tonight!

Have a Safe and Wonderful Fourth of July!