Monday, July 17, 2017

The Sicilian Kitchen...Marketplace and Cuisine...and Books!

A "Sicilian" day at the market...buying my supplies to discover new recipes!

Fresh garlic,tomatoes and onions, fresh herbs from my patio basket. Good Olive Oil. Wedge of Parmesan. Chunk of Feta. Fresh loaf of Italian bread. Italian Sweet Sausages. Zucchini. Eggplant. Lemons. Peppers. Green Olives. Figs and Honey. Chocolate Mini-Eclairs. Pistachios. Sea Salt. Prosciutto.

I have Oregano Honey (to try) and A Black Truffle on the way (direct from Sicily)

So whether it is a small anti-pasto

with bread for dipping in warm herbed olive oil.

Or a Mediterranean Dinner Plate

Complete with home-made, refreshing, frozen Lemon Granita

I've got this!

Put some traditional Sicilian Folk music on in the background

Fried peppers and zucchini with Italian sausage and Parmesan (large grate) and a handful of fresh herbs.Fixed flat bread with Rosemary and oregano in olive oil and fresh Parmesan.

The kitchen sounded, looked and smelled like a trattoria!

I enjoy the total immersion approach to virtual travel and have ordered a cookbook 

and the best seller

It arrived today.

Also found this at my local library.

A new book by the prominent Sicilian Author: Andrea Camilleri

 continuing the Salvo Montelbano Detective Series, which I am now reading.

The detective has actually been transformed into a very popular television show in Europe.

I am not sure, yet,if I can access this in The States.If so,I would love to see what they have done with it. 

Addendum:  The Amazing You-Tube

An overview

and all 26 episodes. 

Episode 1...Season 1

More anon...