Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Gardener's Cup

Although the Season officially starts tomorrow, the sunny mid-fifties weather whispered

"You must play in the dirt"

Making today the first "...soil beneath my fingernails and muddy knees..." day of Spring, with many many more to follow.

Turned over the borders, trimmed the leggy roses back to a well-leafed node. Brought the Boxwoods in line giving them all that first haircut and keeping them nicely globular. Pulled the few early weeds and loved the bright green patches of moss (already arrived). Stowed the winter decor and refilled the numerous clay pots with rich new soil from my compost box. Dug a straggling clump of what-will-be-yellow common field lilies and potted then for an early dot of green. Cleared some withered blades from my twin clumps of purple flag irises. Scraped and dug the winter leaves and debris to add to my compost box when it it emptied.

Spring Stuff.

Made a mental note to pick up another fingernail brush, clip them short, and to shelve my nail-polishes and such. I won't be needing them again until Winter.

Playing in the dirt makes painting and growing your nails an exercise in futility. 

And I DON'T garden in gloves.
Preferring to feel the cool, loamy soil in my hands.

The Compost Box worked its magic again and from vegetable peelings, apple cores,banana skins, coffee grounds, egg shells, shredded newspaper, cardboard and even cloth...I now have 30 gallons of rich, sweet smelling black top-soil.

"I make EARTH. What's YOUR Superpower? "

Tucker sat outside in the sunshine drawing on its healing powers while Shelby wandered onto the patio (not even the grass) and decided it was definitely

Too Much Like Nature


Came inside to clean up...add a bit of "morning light" to my Alaskan Painting with touches here and there of lightly tinged pink snow before I go on with the waterfall and snowy firs this week.

Who doesn't love pink morning light on snow and ice?

May pan a bit more here in a few. And remove the copper nugget from my vial of gold. It is starting to bug me.  
OCD, anyone?

Have a chicken cut up and bubbling, boiling away to fix homemade egg noodles for dinner.

May even see the recently released Beauty and The Beast in a few hours.  Chris and Tina saw it last night at IMAX and gave it 4 thumbs way up!

So...riding that exhilarated high that always comes with the Season Change. 
See everyone tomorrow for Spring Proper.

Life is

Carla, Tucker-Cat and The Lady- Miss Shelby

                                     "OMG...guys, wake up!!! It's SPRING!"