Thursday, March 16, 2017

Denali (Virtually)

Not far from Anchorage- (250 miles)

Today we explore Denali. Perfect timing as this year (Feb) the park is celebrating 100 YEARS of being a National Park!

And although Jim ( favorite Adventure Dude...) actually leads expeditions up its ice and snow covered sides,

through Virtual Travel I can check the park and mountain out from the comfort of a 72 degree home. Without frostbite, crevasses, overnights in base camps at -75 degrees, or falling thousands of feet to my demise. Maybe with a pepperoni pizza and an ice cold Coke. So there's that.

And so can you.

Tour of the National Park

Live Webcams located throughout the park

The Upper Western Rib Route

And Summit

And another Climbing and Summit

The view from The Top of North America.

Absolutely Breathtaking.

More Anon...