Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tucker...The DIVA Miss Shelby...Gold...Movies and More

Tucker, is still not quite ready for his close-up- Mr. DeMille. His face still looks pretty rough. The abscess in his upper sinus and over his left eye. It looks a lot worse than it is, at this point. The critical stage appears to have passed. The abscess now draining. The antibiotics that most likely saved his life have played hell with his GI tract and made spending a lot of time crated with frequent bathroom breaks a must. is a face only a mother could love, right now. But, most of all, I am just thankful he is healing, and I didn't lose him. By Summer this might all seem like a bad dream.

Shelby, I've come to realize is the cat equivalent of a DIVA. Were she a male...she would definitely be the kitty version of Freddie Mercury.

Her most annoying quality might also be her most endearing. If she is sitting next to you (or trying to wake you up in the morning) she pokes.  Reaches out with one paw just like a person would with a finger and poke...poke...poke.
Endearing if I am curled on the sofa reading, and she feels she is lacking in attention. Less so in the early morning when she becomes a live version of "Simon's Cat" 

And I half expect to see her with the baseball bat.

Panned a little more of the paydirt this week and found this!

Check out the size of the nugget in the bottom left corner. Needless to say it was one of those really really exciting moments!  I think I actually "gasped"! Still have about a half of a bag of dirt left and going to pan a little more today.

Also worked a bit more on my Alaskan Painting this week. It is coming together.

Still a long way to go.

When I use my seal on it to sign it (when finished) I am definitely going to embed a tiny gold nugget or two from my panning in the wax!

I did finally manage to get the water looking cold. 

Two weeks left in Virtual Alaska.

I did have to take a break from fixing Cruise Ship (off the menu)
Food. By the time one gets back state-side it is amazing they don't have a liposuctionist on board to undo the effects of all that amazing food.

I re-read a couple of my childhood favorites this week

And enjoyed them as much, maybe more, than when I first discovered them all those years back. The latter set in the Alaskan Wilderness.

Also picked up

from my local library...only for her story "Persuasion" which I had not read.

Long. Boring.Verbose.

Did I mention boring?

I have come to realize Ms. Austen is NOT my cup of tea.

I also managed to see

The John Wick role is an exciting and bad-assed role for Keanu Reeves. In this second film he has lost his wife and is trying to escape the assassin life...but gets dragged back in.

Entertaining and the ending promises that there MUST be a sequel. 
Well worth a viewing.


Another version of The Big Monkey Movie made even more interesting by actors John Goodman and Samuel Jackson.

Sam spends an inordinate amount of the film with a rather large gun giving our oversized ape friend the stink-eye.

Predictable, but entertaining.

Great CGI.

Several stories within the story. The best being a pilot from WWII who has been stranded on the island since 1945. When they tie all the loose ends of his story up at the very'll cry.

Well worth the time!

And, last, and maybe least...time to peek in on what The Donald is up to now.

This week cutting funding that goes toward Meals on Wheels and Feeding low-income school children.

Just in case you didn't think the Administration could possibly sink any lower...that's we've learned they have a basement.

Of course Spicer, the mouthpiece du jour...has tried to put a positive spin on all of this. Saving us tax dollars. It isn't actually The Government Cutting Meals on Wheels...the Cuts are to the State Block Grants. Those States...

"...they could be broasting chickens for all we know. "

Spicer, just another Good German.

And the Orange Emperor-in-his-own-mind has been struck down again trying to pass The Muslim Ban (...give it up Orange still is, and will always be, unconstitutional ) and kudos for the ACLU, States, and Everyone else who is keeping this Tiny Handed Tyrant in check.

                       Donnie's, Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Day

And my only comment on the Trump-Merkel débâcle


An example of today's panning

Quarter cup of mined paydirt.

Sluiced off larger gravel and debris.

Down to what is referred to as black sand.

Close up of black sand.

If you look closely you can see some small gold flakes a this point.

By the end of the large flake...four smaller nuggets and also two small copper nuggets. I ended up keeping the larger of the two.

Added to vial...note the copper nugget in the upper left corner of the back.

Pan time...about 1/2 hour.