Saturday, March 11, 2017

This Week...A Drive By Bearing...Shelby...and a Saturday with Emma and Brenden

Tucker is doing somewhat better...back to eating and drinking and has rallied a bit. I am hopeful. 


I have the best kids (and grands)  in the World...really.

James and Nicole have been monitoring the situation with Tucker since earlier in  the week. The other morning Chris stopped by with hugs and saw the rough shape he was in. I have had Tucker for 15 years now. Half of James life, and the better part of Chris and Lennon's. Yesterday James called asking me if I wanted "Deadpool" their black and white tuxedo cat. I declined. They found six toed kittens at the pet shop...but no...then they stopped by the local no kill shelter where Gypsy has resided since December of last year.

"She isn't meant as a replacement , Mom...think of her as an accompaniment"

She is my auxiliary back-up kitty. 
 Older, spayed, peaceful and well housebroken.

She and Tucker (even in his current condition) seem to get on okay. 

I understand the kids worries...if Tucker were to die before I would be.
A crazy cat lady without a (my) cat. If I were honest (especially this week) the thought had hit me pretty hard, too.  I have literally had a kitten or cat every year of my life from birth to now.
A house just isn't home without a cat.

And the serendipity of THIS particular cat did not escape me, either.

In January or February I had actually seen this cat on the no kill shelter's website while perusing for a possible addition to my home. Her name (Gypsy) had caught my eye.

 I never said anything about it to any of the boys and soon forgot all about her. 

When James and Nicole showed up yesterday they were telling me about this perfect-for-me black and white older, spayed, housebroken female.  James said

"Guess what they call her..."

(More back-story...yesterday was my late husband, Bill's, birthday. He would have been 55. He always called me A Gypsy or Gypsy and was the originator of the back shot we come to call The Gypsy Shot since I never wanted my photo taken and he always wanted to take it. It was our compromise...) 

Her name is Gypsy. was, of course, the same cat I had looked up a couple of months ago.

They left with the adoption sheet and came back with this

                                               Emma and Shelby (aka Gyspy)

Since she seemed to come and be loving & equally happy no matter what you called her...I renamed her "Shelby"  (Yes, like the GT-500) because she looked a lot like the tiny kitten that Tess and I had tried to save (unsuccessfully) some years back. And maybe in part that she had already been someone else's she was my Shelby.

Then the coincidence became even odder...

Two of my three grand-daughters showed up with an

"Early Birthday Gift, Grandma Rose"

 (Hannah and Jazzie) and it was a Drive-By Boyd's Bear-ing!

( very favorite might be the one in the summer hat and dress...) 

They could not believe it when they saw we had adopted her, because they had went out looking for a cat and almost chose her a few weeks while back.

Obviously, I was SUPPOSE to have this!

It is fate.

My Early Birthday from James and Nicole with all the cat outfittings!

So yeah...I am now a Two Tuxedo Crazy Cat Lady. 


Certainly hoping Tucker recovers and this is just using up one of his nine lives...he has pulled it off before. 

They are a beautiful pair. 

Enjoyed a visit by Chris (and Tina earlier this week) who are planning to take me to The Cheesecake Factory for a birthday dinner and one of these in April.


Catching up with Lennon tomorrow. Our most recent conversation, Wednesday, centering on politics and the cluster-fuck that is Washington DC right now.

Even some of the staunchest Trump Supporters are beginning to exhibit buyer's remorse. 

Unfortunately a lot of us (who didn't and don't) are being dragged along for the ride, as well. 

Both of us aghast that the GOP now has a man so reprehensible that even George W. Bush Jr. has spoke out against him.  

Lennon summarized it best

"It just feels kind of wrong, agreeing with anything he [ Bush] says, I mean"

Yes, son...I know. a hot shower may be in order.

He says The Party is Still On (our inside joke) and I am STILL bringing the Pinata.

"Here, let me take a whack at 'em" 

Winding down after enjoying wonderful day with Emma and Brenden.

They cooked with me.

Brenden's PERFECT grilled cheese sandwich to go with Grandpa's Chili Recipe.


 "What TIME is it...???"

WHIPPED CREAM TIME, of course...

Emma and I discussing this year's birthday plans, and the fact that she still loves to paint with acrylics. I think a tabletop easel, canvas roll and brushes, tubes of paint and fresh canvases may be in her near future!

Brenden was an absolute Candyland Monster!

If you get the ice cream cone one more time I am removing the thing from the deck...I AM...seriously...

Aiden made everyone laugh when he looked at an old photo of James and pointed to it saying

"No. No. No.  That's ME." with all the earnestness a two year old can muster.

 No one could convince him any differently.

He is definitely James' mini-me.

So despite a rocky outstanding ending to the week. I am so Grateful that Tucker seems to be doing better and love the newest addition to our household:  

Shelby: The Cat formerly known as Gypsy

Small Zen Retreat tomorrow and starting Virtual Anchorage on Monday!


                   Carla, Tucker-Cat and Shelby