Wednesday, March 15, 2017

(Virtual) Anchorage

As of 2016 the population of Alaska was reported to be 729,828 scattered across 663,300 square miles. Around 1 person per square mile give or take. A hermit's paradise.

But in Alaska there are pockets of people...and thousands of square miles of wilderness...barrens...mountains...glaciers or tundra with no people at all.

Almost half of Alaska's total population (300,950) live in Anchorage. 

Equidistant from New York City, Tokyo, and Berlin...Anchorage is only a 9 and a half hour flight from the industrialized world.
It is also the home to a major FedEx hub.

It has an area of 1,961 square miles meaning this is the most densely packed city in Alaska. About 154 people per square mile.

A Tour of Anchorage

Complete with a trip through the Whittier Tunnel

And even in the city one can still see a black bear or moose ambling down the road.

Weighing almost as much as your vehicle...moose always have the right-of-way.

It can also lead to comical situations like coming home to find this

How to you get a moose out of your kid's wading pool?

Very carefully, I imagine.

And imagine a moose fight in your driveway.

"Sorry Bob, I won't be in to work today...moose fight...yeah...rutting season and all that."

And may still be preferable to a bear in your front yard.

A few things to do in Anchorage

More anon...