Saturday, March 4, 2017

Week's End

Yes...the sun rose predictably at 7:15 this morning, and I am sure there were people who rose with it.

For The Record, I was not one of them.

Started the weekend with a nice lie in for both the Tucker-Cat and myself. Probably the best thing about retirement, really. The hours.

The Tucker-Cat.


It has been a long winter for him. He has been sick off and on for quite a lot of it. The past few days even the treats that once delighted him are barely nibbled at. He spends most of his time sleeping. Drinks very little and is feeling very badly. The Amoxicillin seems to have cleared his nose and helped with his lungs, his fever gone- but he is thin and listless.  At 15 this year, and I am slowly working through- coming to grips with (like everything and everyone including myself) his time is finite.

Logically, I know this.

Emotionally, I realized yesterday I am far from "letting go".

Working on it.

Woke in the still cool morning where he was curled against me like he always is...and for a fraction of a moment thought he was gone.  Feeling the dread and anxiety of reaching to pet him like we always start the day. Afraid I would find him cold and stiff. 

As though he read my mind he stretched lazily with a wide yawn and greeted me with purrs and "making muffins".

All I could feel was relief.

We waste a lot of time with worries, second-guesses and what if's. Ruin a lot of time that could be spent loving, being mindful about what is actually happening right now...instead of what might, could or even will happen.

He may be gone tomorrow or he may outlive me. 

Instead of stressing over it...I choose to make the rest of BOTH of our lives the best.

Every day. 

That way if either of us fails to wakeup one, the day before, will have been a wonderful ride.


Deep into the Virtual Alaskan Adventure this week and planning a bit more (real) panning on Sunday Afternoon.

Also have the barest of beginnings on the painting started. Basically the morning pink, peach of the sky for the mountains to rise up in...and the beginnings of the basin at the bottom of the waterfall.  And a lot of white canvas in between to be filled with boulders, layers of mountain-sides and firs.

So I've separated the skies and water...and will begin earth later today. I told you painting was a lot like Genesis.

(not the band)

I am planning (when I sign it with my seal) to embed one of the small nuggets that I have panned into the hot wax.

Appropriate, I think.

So, Lennon and Idgy received the Girl Scout cookies by post this week, and was very happy about it!


"hmmm...I've eaten a whole box of Thin Mints...but not feeling any thinner, yet."

Lennon excited about looking for a new car soon.

"...probably a Toyota...Cobalt Blue, Mom!"

and he promises me pictures as soon as it happens.

Chris totally engrossed in the set-up Corporate Networks phase of his studies/training. Loving the challenge.

Tina and he, STILL celebrating her birthday...which like me...she morphs into a birth month!
A Girl after my own heart!

And Emma...who is absolutely obsessed with Chris' beard.

Still working toward the EMT/Paramedic Licenses and got these as part of her birthday from Chris

                                    Body Parts...he got you body parts...!!!

Now built...and a great hands on way to study!

And James having finished out the Mike Ness-ness of his Gold Top by applying the skull and lettering this week.

"From a G to a Gent"

He dropped by with her this morning again.

"The Guitar of my Dreams, Mom...and I OWN her!"

Nicole and I discussing Hannah's up and coming 10th Birthday!

"Two hands, Grandma Rose, two hands!!!"

                                   Never Too Old for Whipped Cream!

And we are all awaiting the coming of Spring...just around the corner now!

All of the trees budded, Forsythia blooming yellow, willow trees a green is coming. Can morels be far behind?


I've found so many ideas for the patio, arbour and borders this year. And planning to grow frogs and butterflies, as well!

Can't wait!


And politics? 

Well I have had a White Russian (the drink..not the gentleman) and I often use Russian Salad I guess that means my career in politics is pretty much out of the question, eh?

I am waiting to see if Sessions is going by the way of Flynn.

Time will tell.

        Another Popcorn Moment brought to you by The Donald Trump Administration!

More anon...