Sunday, April 2, 2017

April...FRED/MRI Results... and Hannah's 10th Emoji Birthday Party

 A warm sunny start to April!  Can car shows and morels be far behind?

Hannah celebrated her 10th Birthday yesterday with an Emoji Party!

Made complete by a Rainbow Emoji Poop Cake!

Family and Friends!

Birthday Games...Emoji Balloons....Prizes

Nicki and James thought of EVERYTHING!

This was the first year since they have been married
that they have been allowed to have her for her
birthday to arrange a party!

Her "big surprise" came in the form of a bike she 
has been coveting. 

Which she proceeded to ride most of the rest of the day!

She also got the violin she wants to learn to play.

Blowing out the candles for her Big TEN Party

They ended the evening with bonfire, hotdogs, and S'mores.

She proclaimed the party "Amazing!"

Rough week for me...even had to miss the party. 
Tuesday night (well...Wednesday Morning about 2 AM) I woke from a sound sleep with a horrible headache, seizure activity and vomiting.
Not good when you are 10 years into a brain tumor.

Putnam County Hospital stabilized me and did a CAT scan.
Better Living Though Chemistry
Hendricks would treat me the next day, stop the head pain and clear up the mystery of my lower side pain (a largish kidney stone...bleah) 
 and run my yearly MRI.

Huge thanks to Chris who brought me home from PCH at 6AM and to James who took me to HCH and sat with me through probably
 the most pain I have ever experienced. 
 (this includes childbirth)
Thank you both for BEING THERE for me.

Chris has the disk...going to pull off images soon...and have a follow-up scheduled with my doctor on the 13th.
The side pain has completely resolved and am pretty certain
I have passed the stone on my own. 
Go me.

The gist of the whole business seems to be that FRED
(the fat bastard)
has taken it upon himself to squidge and squash a bit more space
for himself and apparently he smushed a bit of
brain tissue that ought not be squidged. 

layman's terms

FRED 2017 ( that white blob on the right crossing over midline...which is actually my left)

Close up of the Cerebellar Degeneration (twiggy area) 
that has effectively destroyed my gait. 

The upside to the neoplastic disorder is that the antibodies 
have also kept the tumor size increase minimal for
almost 10 years now...and therefore me alive.

Undamaged Cerebellum for Comparison)

So yeah....I am my own science project at this point.

I have been recovering this week.

Feeling nearly human today.

It feels good to feel good.

And not heavily medicated
like Thursday.

Now armed with PRN heavy duty pain tablets
to stop days like Wednesday- if they occur again.

There is a lot of space (wiggle room) left
Inconvenient...yes...but not a crisis

"Not quite dead yet..." Monty Python

The Two Tuxedo Household?
Shelby has fully integrated now. Meaning she has pretty
much taken over the daily routine.
She may be a DIVA...but not so diva-like that I didn't find her shoulders-deep
in the bin bag after some scraps I had tossed the other night.

Tucker is hopefully going to make a full recovery
he has finished 2 rounds of antibiotics
and the site of the abcess (two openings actually) appear
to be granulating and healing...with healthy tissue showing after debridment.

which is just as much fun as it sounds

If you have never experienced debriding
 a cat's facial wound-
Trust me on this.

Nicole is going to take him to their vet on Friday to see if any injectable antibiotics will help the healing there is still (often) foul drainage from both sites. 

He is eating, drinking and going about life fairly well though and some of the right sided facial fur is beginning to fuzz back. 

Another good sign.

Taking a break from virtual travel until the 10th...but thinking Hawaii! Then I will have completed all 50.

47 in Real Time

and the last 3
Maine, Alaska and Hawaii virtually...

More Anon.