Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cuisine...Facial...Drink Container...Potted Plant: The Versatile Pineapple

Hawaiian Rum Punch served out of a pineapple shell!

But wait...it is so much more than a delectable fresh fruit, or a drink container.

By cutting off the green top with about an inch of the fruit...you can pot it and grow another pineapple plant (maybe even small fruit)

Pineapple plant from crown to small pineapple


And the enzyme in the inside (when you peel the pineapple) works wonders to slough off dead skin cells and it amazing for a facial or entire body treatment leaving skin silky smooth. This works especially well in combination with a luffa sponge.

It is also great raw....mixed in salads...as an accompaniment for ham or roast pork...brown sugar baked...in a variety of recipes...baked into brownies...dipped in chocolate or dried for a portable snack. 

 Baked Whole


The fibers from the tough leaves are used to produce cloth, clothing and furniture. 

Dress made from Pineapple Leaf Fibers

And a bench made from those same fibers

Truly a versatile plant.

 Known for its pineapple fields, Hawaii has acres and acres planted in them and they are a major island export.

Dole is headquartered here.




And harvesting


 Originating in Brazil and introduced to Hawaii in the early 1900's. DelMonte and Dole both operate and have headquarters on the islands now.

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