Friday, April 14, 2017

Hawaiian Cuisine...but first a word about Poi

Picked up groceries to create Hawaiian Dishes in the next few weeks.
Also fell in love with the Islands Plate and Mug and bought them, too.

Shopping list was basically a lot of fresh fruits...pineapple...pork...shellfish...rice...coconut...peppers and such.

Oh...and learning about Poi.

Poi is one of those traditional Hawaiian foods that I had always heard of..but knew nothing about. 

Until now.

Yeah...the mystery and magic is completely gone.

Poi  is made from this

 Taro Root.

Which is a bit like a hairy potato (a tuber) with white flesh that turns kind of purplish when boiled.

And looks like then when mashed,creamed,salted, and served.

Basically a lot like lavender mashed potatoes.  The"grits" of the Polynesia.  Just a side dish served with pretty much everything.


Yeah, I know. There I thought it was made from magical berries from an exotic Poi Plant or something. Another illusion shattered.

But I did find recipes for

Hapuia: A Coconut Pudding

Hawaiian Fried Rice that has ham, bell pepper and pineapple.

Pineapple Whip: A Frozen Dessert.

Butter Mochi:  A lot like the Scottish Butter Tablet

Loco Moco

Kalbi Ribs

Kahlua Pig

and Hawaiian Macaroni Salad (who knew?)

Along with an array of Hawaiian Punches and Fruit Concoction (drinks)

So recipes to share as we make them through the next couple of for Poi

If you really really want to try can buy Taro Root at Melissa's

and all that is required is that you peel it...boil it until tender like a potato...mash with  a bit of cream and salt and pepper to taste...for that purplish, omnipresent  island side dish.

More Monday!