Saturday, April 15, 2017

Outstanding Week...and Easter!

Full of Morels

Mostly grays. my favorite. The yellows are starting though...and with all the rain they are ginormous!

Fixed them sautéed, and battered, and in sauces, and even to top pizza.

Nearly the size of my hand!

And a Wednesday Mall-Ratting in Terre Haute with Loretta...and brunch at Cracker Barrel (where I found these Island Dishes)

Also a Lilac Bouquet

 It has the whole house smelling good compliments of my driver (...who usually engages in this horticultural larceny with me...but this year just knocked on my door with a bunch!)  Saving both of us from a life of crime.

And a perfectly lovely day with John ( old friend and almost bank robber buddy from back in the day...we were nearly notorious..) a long drive through the countryside and catch up/chat...Greek (Saganaki...Tiropita...Avegolemano Soup...Spiced Lamb with Tzaziki Sauce...and Bakalava) A special Early Birthday treat for  me...and expanding his culinary experiences at the same time...having never tried Greek before!


Oh, and THIS

A box of handmade chocolates filled with fruit and a variety of nuts!

Quite possibly some of the BEST chocolate I have ever tried    
Thanks, John!

A Thursday Visit with Pizza...James and Hannah, and a Drive-by Grand-Puppying with Chris. Bennie LOVES pepperoni, by-the-way! Got to spoil the grand-puppy, too!

Yeah, I'm feeling very spoiled today! 

And 57 is still 9 days away...

A great week despite the news.  And is there ANYONE who doesn't open their newsfeed without saying

Oh Dear Christ...WHAT have they DONE now?

85 days into his Presidency, Trump, who has bombed Syria and Afghanistan.

"What does THIS button do?"

And how the hell do you launch 54 Tomahawk Missiles into an Airfield and it remain OPERATIONAL????   Seriously!

Also managing to piss off China, North Korea and Russia.

United Airlines who has pretty much bombed their own business and profits.

and spawned a number of hashtag sites on Twitter..the best being #BoycottUnitedAirlines with some of the best mottos around.

Seriously though, after the Doctor's beating and unseating and the bad PR...this may solve their over-booking problem.

 Just saying!

Loved the new statue that Greenpeace delivered to Coca-Cola as a commentary on their use of disposable plastics.  A brilliant piece showing a family on picnic at a beach with a seagull nearby regurgitating a pile of plastic.

Looking forward to Easter tomorrow with James,Nicole and The Grands. Although with the rain it might be snorkeling for Easter Eggs.

And Aiden caught his first ever FISH this week!

Chuck and Shirley celebrating his (Chuck's) 76th birthday in Key West for the next 3 days!

Tina and Chris off to Comic Con today!

Where they can meet Val Kilmer and Nichelle Nichols (among others)

(...a bit of background...Bill grew up smitten by Nichelle Nichols but never was able to meet her...)

a while ago I got  a quick e-mail from Chris saying I got you something." with this picture.

Autographed to Bill

Just because...

How wonderful!

Going to mat and frame it with a nice photo of Bill set into it!

 I will be catching up with Lennon on Easter.

Shelby has settled in and taken over the house. And given John her "Houseguest Seal of Approval" after a long head-and-ear scratching session.

Tucker is improving daily. Eating more now, and I am making him cheese sauces and a dish of heavy cream to try and get his weight back on.  He lost so much weight while sick.

I have a new antibiotic ophthalmic gel that he hates...but seems to be improving his eyes (that were both infected when the abscess opened) .


It has been a long long three and a half months...but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

And he made it. 
Back to purring and eating and running the household.

That is what is important!

I am practicing a lot with my wheelchair.  May need to set up a concourse with soccer My nickname is CRASH..I think. My steering still leaves a lot to be desired.   
On the bright side it makes life a lot easier!

Wishing Everyone a Happy Easter.

I LOVE the Deadpool Egg!


Caught up with Lennon who was having a very Italian (DeVenuto) Easter Dinner of  Home-made Lasagne! But, much like Chris and Tina, had to work later that evening.

Also James hunted THESE...much better than Easter Eggs to accompany Easter Dinner

Easter Morels!

The yellows are getting huge already.

And showed me a new way to fix them I had never tried.
Quite delicious, I might add.

Sliced into quarters lengthwise...not battered...but fried in hot olive oil very quickly until crisp then sprinkled with seasoned salt.

Kind of like Morel Chips.

Very good!

Nicole outdid herself with a HUGE ham, green bean casserole,mashed potatoes, and corn. It was all fabulous!

We even got to play in the gardens a little.

The Grands had a ball! Chocolate, hidden eggs, meeting Emma's

And a colorful Glow Stick Easter Hunt!

More Anon...