Monday, April 17, 2017

Virtual Hawaii: Macadamia Nuts

Omg...where have THESE been all my life!

(...sitting right there on the shelf at Kroger...)

Decided to start with something I have always known existed...but never tried.

Macadamia Nuts

A rich Cashew-buttery soft nut with a hint of the flavor of Brazil Nuts and maybe Hazelnut.  
Very nice. 

At 5.00 for a little over 4 ounces they run about $20. a pound, here. And worth every penny of it. 

Found a recipe for Brownies using these, fresh pineapple tidbits and coconut that I must try soon.

Not to worry....I'll share.

Well,  the recipe anyway....

The genus Macadamia originated in Australia. A bush-like evergreen that grows between 7 and 40 feet tall.

Now they are grown in several countries...but primarily in the USA. Hawaii is the largest exporter of Macadamia Nuts.  California and Florida also grow them.

They can be green-housed as well.

Interested in growing your own? You can get a gallon start here

with all the instructions for its care.

The nuts begin as flowers.

When pollinated they become hard green strands of balls.

When they are ready to harvest they dry and turn brown. The brown skin splits to reveal the nut (also  brown)

Which you crack open to find the soft butter-coloured round meat.

Harvesting Macadamia Nuts in Hawaii

I can certainly see how this nut would work well both in savory, spicy dishes, and with chocolates, fudges or candies.

If you have never tried them...grab a can.  
Dry roasted and lightly sea salted they are a real (Hawaiian) treat.