Sunday, April 9, 2017

Parade...New Wheels...Opening Sunday for The Grands (Baseball and Softball)


This is what makes it all worthwhile!

This IS The Good Stuff.

Mused to my eldest on Saturday as we rumbled along in his black oh-so-sexy Camaro at the very end of the parade how wonderful it is...small town life.

Mainstreet parades to the ballfields in Spring. The streets lined at 9 AM with the entire town...the players marching along flinging an array of candy to the waiting crowds. The deep sense of community and the dedication to their children...grandchildren. 

This year made easier for me, and I suspect them as well, by the addition of my new wheels. Low, black, sleek and fast (well...eventually fast) a Lamborghini...but my New Wheels.

                                                   "Pantera Nera"

 Actually better than the Lambo...because it opens a door to a lot of activities I haven't been able to enjoy for a while.  Including offering the stability to handle a larger, good Canon camera again. Going to buy that Canon Digital Rebel now. Camera of my dreams, and within the year I will own it.  
( I!)

It strips down. Footrests (off) and the armrests are removable making it very light and easily used solo. 

And my favourite colour. Basic black. Although, yes...a little Harley Orange would definitely "make it pop".


Still learning.

It is harder to drive than one would believe. Still crashing into walls a bit.

But by winter Michelle Obama is going to WISH she had arms as toned as mine!

Even The Amazing Preston (my oldest grand) showed up for his little brother's first of the season baseball game (which they WON!)

 Plus James, Nicole, Nancy, Johnnie, Donna, Emma and Aiden.

Who, during Emma's Softball Game, felt the need to do a little coaching from outside the fence.

Loved seeing Johnnie again as well!

He and son from another mother...these two have grown up since childhood together.

Now they both have their own children.

Love the Clockwork Orange Derby, Johnnie...I must find one! You look absolutely "Alex".

This morning realized a wonderful family, grands and friend filled day, a turkey and lettuce sandwich, a ballpark hotdog and nachos weren't the only things I would have from yesterday's trip to the ballfield.

Woke this morning to the first sunburn of the year...

I am sun-kissed.  

Opening North Patio Beach for the season soon!

"Idgy" and I planning our September Artist's Getaway! Fresh canvases, acrylic paints, wine, cheese, chocolates, fresh fruit...perhaps an outdoor poolside if it stays warm enough...and horseback riding together!

So looking forward to it!

Enjoyed a quiet Sunday digging in the plants...and a visit from Chris and Tina who brought over STILL HOT home-made pepperoni pizza. Chris you make the best CRUST ever! Nice catch up and chat with them and solidifying Birthday Plans. Going to do a deep bubble bath soon.

Perfect Weekend!

And tomorrow...and the beginning of Virtual Hawaii!

                                                                                 More Anon...