Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Planning Virtual Hawaii...and Completing the 50 States

Decided to finish out the 50th States with, ironically, The 50th State. I'll be starting on Monday the 10th.

My Itinerary for Virtual Hawaii.

Thanks to my good friends, Shirley and Marti, I already have a couple of stones from the Islands

 ( is bad luck to leave with these...they say...)  

Anyway, I plan on exploring the islands April 10th through June 30th.

Imagine what 2 1/2 months in Hawaii would actually cost!

Like the avalanche that hit Juneau, Alaska (real time) recently...while visiting virtually...there are definitely times that V.T. displays its charms.

I would like to explore The Marketplace in Honolulu.

I want to try Hawaiian Specific Cuisine and Drinks.

I want to try Macadamia Nuts   (...can't believe I NEVER have...all these years...and they are right down the street on the shelf...wth?)

Want a bit of a Chocolate Treat Specific to the Islands. There MUST be one.

I want to buy a Sprouted Coconut Palm to grow this summer and maybe a Banana Plant.

I want to find a Landscape to Paint.

I want to discover The Historic District of Honolulu.

I want to check out the Elvis Statue in Honolulu (and get a postcard for my Elvi mate across the pond, Dave).

I want to see  Waikiki and Try Loco Moco. 

I want to explore Maui.

I want to see the Nakalele Blowhole and hear its sound on Maui.

I want red sand from the Red Sands Beach on Maui.

I want black sand or may just  a handful of black pebbles from the cave at  the Black Sands Beach on Maui.

I want to see the Maui Ocean Center.

I want to explore Oahu Byodo-In Buddhist Temple and Gardens.

I want to see the Botanical Gardens in Oahu.

I want to explore The Great Crack on Big Island

I want to see Halona Cove at Sunset.

I want to see Lanai Lookout at Sunrise. (preferably with coffee)

I want to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Oahu

I want to experience the climb of Oahu's Stairway to Heaven. (hello, youtube)

I want to explore Ka'ena Point Trail.

I want to see the Petraglyphs on the North Shore.

I want to see the formation of the newest lava flow into the Pacific.

I want to do a (virtual) flyover of the islands. (youtube)

And probably a lot more stuff as I come across it.

Two months may not be enough time!

Can't wait!


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